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We continue discovering Madrid singular spots thanks to James Blick,  and this time we get close to its magnificent park: El Retiro, founded in the 17th century as part of the palace with the same name.  Last year, a whole string of new tapas bars and restaurants has started opening up, joining some old classics resulting in the most exciting dinning scene of the city right now, that James is eager to show us.



Gourmet and Tips - Cinco Jotas - Retiro

Just a few blocks away from the Retiro, in Puigerdá St, we find the perfect place to try the authentic “jamón de bellota”, 100% Iberian. In Cinco Jotas you can enjoy Spanish national treasure, made from free-range purebred Iberian pigs that have only eaten acorns, enriching the quality of the meat. The best thing is that in this place the master carvers prepare this dish including different slices of each part of the pig. Don´t miss the chance to enhance its flavour with Montecillo Gran Reserva Selección Especial, only made in the best harvest years and which softness makes it an incredible combination. Jamón-lovers will be pleased to know that they can find Cinco Jotas as well in Seville, Barcelona and Lisbon.



Viridiana - Gourmet and Tips - Retiro

Our second stop leads us to Juan de Mena St 14, where Abraham Garcia´s temple can be found. This renowned chef is an expert in melting textures and flavours making authentic poetry with food. Maybe this is the reason why this restaurant was the favourite of Gabriel García Márquez and Vargas Llosa, who didn´t agree in life but did in their gourmet taste.  Its menu changes accordingly to seasonal products making a trip to the flavour with Abraham Garcia´s signature very attractive. During James visit, he tasted one the chef´s specialities: “Abraham´s eggs”, with mushrooms mouse and what he describes as a “truffle eclipse.”



Gourmet and Tips - KultO - Retiro

Laura López and José Fuentes opened KultO, a Mediterranean restaurant in Ibiza St 4. The innovation in its menu was depicted in the pages of the New York Times leading this place to fame. With a clear intention of worshiping international cuisine, KultO merges traditional Spanish dishes with exotic flavours: spices from all over the world that combine elegantly like in the Thai Catalan fideuá or the octopus in Cuban sauce with fried yucca… Who can resist this temptation?


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