Gastronomic tour around Gràcia. Gourmet & Tips.

Gourmet & Tips ventures into its third season to unveil Barcelona´s culinary secrets.  Gracia is the chosen neighborhood for this episode, an ideal spot to enjoy a unique and memorable culinary experience, away from the restaurants in the old town. This neighborhood, that was once a town in the outskirts of Barcelona, is nowadays bohemian, bustling and very cosmopolitan. Lifelong neighbors, students, bohemian artists and hipsters make a stroll around the streets of Gracia, a super plan.

La Pubilla

Ruta gastronómica por el barrio de Gracias de Barcelona. Gourmet & Tips. La Pubilla

Eating at La Pubilla is like coming back home. A quiet place that offers homemade food, located in front of the “Mercat de la Llibertad”, and a safe bet for a combination of innovation and tradition that has made this place very special.

Furthermore, it is the perfect place to enjoy a Catalan tradition, “esmorzar de forquilla” (breakfast with fork), in this case we tried pork snout and leg with green asparagus in romescu sauce that pairs with a
Montecillo Reservathe example of elegance and balance with a long aftertaste. A complex wine with a hint of liquorice and mint combined with spicy tones that makes the perfect partner for this gastronomic proposal.

Cal Boter

Ruta gastronómica por el barrio de Gracias de Barcelona. Gourmet & Tips. Cal Boter

This usually crowded family-owned restaurant opened its doors in 1986 and has become a classic of the Catalan cuisine. Far from passing fads, it offers lifelong food elaborated with fresh products from the market and has gained its popularity after 30 years of service in the neighborhood. Butifarra, fideuá, meatballs with mushrooms or cod fish are just some of the favorite dishes. James Blick opted for the last one to pair it with a Montecillo Blanco Fermentado en Barrica, a sophisticated and creamy wine, whose character breaks all the moulds due to its freshness, structure and complexity.

Spoonik Club

Ruta gastronómica por el barrio de Gracias de Barcelona. Gourmet & Tips. Spoonik Club

Have you ever dreamt with eating at an outstanding chef´s house? Jon Giraldo y Jaime Lieberman have created a new concept under the motto “eat an experience”, offering clandestine dinners at their hidden house located in the back side of Gracia.

Spoonik has brought creativity to the neighborhood, mixing gastronomy, art and magic realism. Here you will live a sensorial experience that will make you feel very exclusive. One the most famous dishes is a “trout ceviche”, with clear Mexican and Colombian influences. This proposal demonstrates that not always ceviche must be attached to a maritime concept. The combination of this ceviche with
Montecillo Rosé, both fruity and fresh in a delicate expression of Rioja, is epic. Its well-balanced acidity, freshness and the appealing notes of sweetness pair nicely with fresh fish from the river, the acidity of the lime, the spiciness of the ginger and the sweetness of the boniato.  

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Bodegas Montecillo

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