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Montecillo 22 Barricas ha conseguido una vez más una elevada puntuación en la prestigiosa publicación de vinos de Robert Parker, The Wine Advocate,

Montecillo 22 Barricas launched to great acclaim

One of Bodegas Montecillo’s most special wines, a 2010 Gran Reserva made in tribute to the winery’s founder, continues to seduce the most demanding critics thanks to its extraordinary quality. Fuenmayor, 20 March 2018. Montecillo 22 Barricas Gran Reserva 2010 was created in homage to the winery’s founder, Celestino Navajas, who used to set aside …

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The digital influence in the wine world

The Internet has changed our lives completely, and, as you’d expect, the world of wine has not escaped this revolution. Thanks to the net, the consumer has access to more information than ever before, traditional media no longer have a monopoly on recommendations or reviews as the democratisation of information has allowed new faces to …

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Sugar in wine

We’ve already told you in this blog that during fermentation, the sugar in grape must (formed essentially of glucose and fructose) transforms into alcohol through the effect of yeasts. Therefore, the sweeter the must from which wine is made, the greater the degree of alcohol it will have. Simple, right? But if you are not …

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Nuevas tendencias en las cartas de vinos - Bodegas Montecillo

New trends in wine lists

They say that a wine list is a restaurant’s calling card, therefore, if the wine list is good, the food is very likely to be good too.   In order for the wine cellar to be as good as the food that is on offer (and viceversa), it is necessary to give it the same …

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How can you recognise possible defects in wine?

Although, thankfully, it’s not very common, it can be that when you open a bottle of wine you find that it has been affected in some way, and, therefore, it is not in the best condition for drinking. Therefore, in today’s post we want to show you how to identify by sight, smell or taste …

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El arte de regalar vino… y acertar

The art of gifting wine… and getting it right

Wine is a classic gift for one key reason: it is, almost always, a good idea. If the person you are giving the gift to likes wine, it is hard to go wrong by giving them a bottle and if it is someone who cannot drink or does not like wine, there are many occasions …

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The importance of barrels

Barrels are one of the determining factors in wine maturation. We have already explained how wine is affected by the length of time it spends in barrel and bottle, turning it into a Crianza, Reserva or Gran Reserva but, as you can guess, the fact that the ageing occurs in one barrel or another is …

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