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La bodega después de la vendimia - Bodegas Montecillo

The winery after harvest

As you well know, as we’ve repeated it on more than one occasion, a good wine starts in the vineyard… But of course, it is finished in the winery.   We have already told you about everything that happens in the vineyards prior to harvest. We have also told you what the harvest is, why …

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A wine dictionary

Via this blog, we at Bodegas Montecillo endeavour to ensure that anyone who likes wine and is interested in everything that surrounds this exciting world can deepen their knowledge and therefore their enjoyment. And after many months of work, there are many subjects that we have covered in this, your blog. Therefore, and so our …

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La graduación alcohólica en los vinos - Bodegas Montecillo

The alcohol content of wine

I’m sure you know that the amount of alcohol in different alcoholic drinks is expressed in degrees and it is possible that you know, at least approximately, the alcohol by volume or abv of the most popular drinks. But perhaps you don’t know what it means exactly to have one level of alcohol by volume …

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Working in the wine industry: possibilities

If you stop to think about jobs related to the wine industry, the first careers that almost certainly come to mind are sommelier or winemaker. In the Bodegas Montecillo blog we have already explained in detail what a sommelier does and the training that would be required to become one. We have also spoken in detail …

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Beneficios del vino para la salud

The health benefits of wine

We’re sure you’ve heard on more than one occasion that drinking a glass of wine a day can have a positive effect on your health. It is also very likely that you’ve heard, also on several occasions, that the former statement is a myth not based on solid scientific evidence. So, who should we believe? …

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Celebrate Rioja flavors in Canada!

Celebrate Rioja flavors in Canada!

Calgary-based chef, JP Pedhirney, Executive Chef Bridgette Bar, shares his Rioja-inspired recipe for Acadian Potato & Pork Dumplings as the perfect paring with Montecillo Reserva. This dish features Canadian bacon and ground pork shoulder combined with classic Spanish ingredients of smoked paprika, red chili and tomatoes. The richness of these meats pair exceptionally well with …

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Cork, a faithful ally for preserving wine

I’m sure that you’ve enjoyed the ritual of uncorking a bottle of wine on more than one occasion, right? And the sound of uncorking a wine is intrinsically linked to its enjoyment.   I’m also sure that you know that cork plays a key role in conserving wine, but you may be surprised to learn …

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What is the harvest and why is it so important?

The raw material of wine is the grape and grapes come from vines. That is why they say that good wines are born exactly there, on the vine. Also, as the saying goes, “you reap what you sow”. And the vine, as we have already told you, it is not only sown, it’s also pruned, …

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