At bodegas montecillo we see wine as a way of life. in this space you can learn more about wine, food pairing and wine tourism

Merche’s diary

Gran Reserva Aging in Bottle

Merche’s Diary – Day 6 After checking the laboratory results in the database, I went to check the temperature and humidity of Bodegas Montecillo’s huge manual bottle cellar. It was then that I realised that I should remind you of something very important: that my work as an oenologist doesn’t end when the wine reaches …

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Cata de vino tinto Montecillo

In barrel wine tasting

Merche’s Diary – Day 5 Work here never ends! Of course, the harvest has given us a lot to do this year. Well, as it always does! But you understand that the wine from the recently harvested grapes is not the only one that we have here, right? The wine from last year’s vintage is in …

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Barrels from Bodegas Montecillo

Curiosities and Importance of Barrels

Merche’s Diary – Day 4 As you will have already noticed, many of my days are spent surrounded by oak barrels. For me, these barrels are very special. They are not simple storage vessels, but rather custodians of the mystery of this great wine that will seduce you with its aroma and conquer your palate. …

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In barrel fermentation - Merche's Diary

In barrel fermentation

Merche’s Diary – Day 3 I got up a little earlier than usual today to check how the fermentation of the white wine in barrel was coming along. Have I surprised you by mentioning a white wine? Yes, it’s true; we are working on a new white wine, but shush! It’s a secret; keep it to …

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