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Where were you in 1982?

It is difficult to know where to start when trying to describe Jesús Terres. Director of the Guía Hedonista, first editorial project of the Agencia VG, where he is lead designer; regular contributor to GQ Magazine, writing about lifestyle and trends; food and drink correspondent for Conde Nast Traveller; he also contributes to Vogue; is a tireless traveller; a food and wine lover…However, as soon as Jesús starts to talk, the key to so much creative activity rapidly becomes evident.

Dónde estabas tú en 1982
“There is a lovely tradition of buying a wine from the year of birth of a son or daughter, and giving it to them on their 18th birthday. Because a wine represents everything that happened that year.” Following this tradition, it may seem strange that Jesús is fascinated by 1982, the year when he was just five years old. For him this vintage represents precisely this sensation of seeing everything for the first time, like a child does.
“In Spain, it was a time of cultural revolution. An explosion of creativity. People were discovering new ways of communicating.” The 1980s represent for him, above all, that “Why not?” that look of a child for whom everything is possible. Eager to discover new things, to experience freedom. Because the movements that arose during this time, like the “Movida” in Madrid, or the cultural movement in Valencia that arose around La Nau and the comic, knew no barriers or limitations to their expression.

These days the 1980s are seen with nostalgia, like in the Stranger Things series, says Jesus. But he doesn’t exactly share this vision. The important thing about this decade is not the way it looked or the simple fact that we were children or teenagers and we miss that time. For him it’s the feeling of discovery without limits that he applies from day to day, in his work, in his articles. “That’s what I try to maintain. This capacity for surprise and emotion.”


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