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Where were you in 1994?

Originally from Venezuela, Patsy Montiel is a journalist and founder of Madrid Seduce, an online platform that brings together Madrid’s experiences, treasures and passions that she decided to create after falling “head over heels” in love with the Spanish capital. For Patsy, Madrid is much more than the city where she has been living for the past 16 years, it is her “place in the world”, and she shows this in every sentence that she writes about the capital.
Dónde estabas tú en 1994 - Patsy Montiel
When she landed in Madrid, she felt such a strong connection that Patsy couldn’t resist the desire to tell the world about her personal experience of the city through the eyes of a Venezuelan. This is how Madrid Seduce was born, which now boasts over 140,000 followers across various social media networks. And no wonder, as Patsy has created a blog that brings together Madrid’s greatest marvels from a very personal point of view.

For Patsy, 1994 was a very special year as it was the moment when all her passions were awakened.  Back then, she was participating in various cultural activities, she had her theatre group and was dabbling in what she enjoys most: writing.  “I’ve always been motivated by communication, connecting with people, creating links and sharing enjoyable experiences and beautiful things with others.”
When Patsy remembers 1994, she tells us that back then she was surrounded by loved ones and great friends who still play an important role in her life. This was also the decade when she started to drink wine, “one of my favourite things in life,” she admits. But without doubt for Patsy, 94 “was a year in which I started a new stage.”


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